Tippecanoe County Background Check

Tippecanoe County Background Check

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A Tippecanoe County background check is a process of learning about an individual’s background, criminal arrest, driving, commercial, and financial records. The time it takes to complete a background check varies depending on the kinds of records needed. Some background check directories can offer reports almost instantly.

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Tippecanoe County Background Check Resources.

Tippecanoe County Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Probate, Family, Juvenile)
301 Main St Lafayette, IN 47901
Option Two – https://public.courts.in.gov/mycase/#/vw/Search
On Location Terminal – Yes

Tippecanoe County Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Family, Traffic)
301 Main St Lafayette, IN 47901
Option Two – https://public.courts.in.gov/mycase/#/vw/Search
On Location Terminal – Yes

Web – http://www.tippecanoe.in.gov/343/Recorder

Web – Link

Tippecanoe County Sheriff
2640 Duncan Rd, Lafayette, IN 47904
(765) 423-9388
Current Inmate Listing – Link
Records Division – Link


Obtain a Tippecanoe County Criminal Background Check Record

A routine criminal background check includes:

  • County criminal court records.
  • Nationwide crime databases.
  • Sex offender registries.
  • Prison records.
  • State and federal criminal conviction records.

Discover Whos In Jail In Tippecanoe County

The public can look at local jail websites for people that the police booked or released within the last twenty-four hours or the master report on anybody currently doing time. Right after a police arrest, the authorities commonly transport that person to the area county jail. A large number of county jails have rosters of present inmates on the web pages.

Tippecanoe County Public Information and Cost-Free Background Checks

Tippecanoe County public records can be searched for free by the public in most cases. Many jurisdictions have electronic forms to enable people to make a public record request via their websites.

Law Enforcement and Sheriff Reports

A local Tippecanoe County background check is a report that the County Sheriff’s and Police Office can provide. This report is not going to include arrests made by other jurisdictions.

Selecting The Right Background Check Repositories

National Criminal Records Indicator
Criminal acts are not isolated to where we reside and work – individuals can commit offenses in areas they visit or vacation. Search multi-jurisdictional criminal databases to provide a protection net in the screening process to discover this hidden data.

Indiana Statewide & Tippecanoe County Criminal Record Searches
Depending on the address history, along with any hits found on the national check. Find the appropriate county and statewide criminal databases.

Federal Court Criminal Record Searches
Many serious crimes may only be documented in the federal district courts and may not be discovered during county or statewide criminal record searches.

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