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Local Resources Of Marion County Indiana Criminal Records

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
200 E Washington St City-County Bldg, T-644 Indianapolis, IN 46204
Web Lookup
On Location Terminal – Yes

Marion County Sheriff’s Office
675 Justice Way Indianapolis, IN 46203
Find a Person in Jail
Request Information
Sex Offenders

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
50 Alabama St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 327-3811
Accident Report
Incident Reports and Crime Statistics
Limited Criminal History Report

Marion County Court Records

Access to court records is an important component of criminal records in Marion County IN and can be achieved in two ways. You could visit the court clerk’s office to request the records in person or obtain them online through their website if they provide a database. Some third-party websites also offer access to court records as part of their public record services.

Marion County Police Records

Acquiring police records for a Marion County criminal history check can be accomplished in several ways. Starting with your local law enforcement agency is typically the first step. You can contact them directly, request records online, or hire a private investigator to work on your behalf.
Many agencies maintain files on arrests and investigations and may provide copies upon request. However, not all agencies may be willing to release this information publicly.

Arrest Reports

Both private detectives and law enforcement officers use arrest records to observe an individual’s past in Marion County IN. These records can reveal whether a person has any convictions and provide specific details of their criminal history.

Inmate Information

With modern technology, it’s possible to search the criminal records of anyone convicted and incarcerated. Inmate records are a valuable source of such information. All inmates in federal and state prisons will have their mugshots taken and personal information such as name, crime, and date of birth in a Marion County public database.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


A Marion County infraction is typically deemed a less serious crime than a misdemeanor or felony, generally punished by a fine rather than imprisonment.


A Marion County misdemeanor is a crime punishable by a fine or less than one year of imprisonment. Serious misdemeanors may warrant both a fine and imprisonment. Misdemeanors generally fall into two categories: petty offenses or serious crimes.

Marion County Felony Records

A Marion County felony conviction carries significant repercussions, including the potential loss of civil rights like the right to vote or possess a firearm, diminished opportunities, and potential prison sentences. A felony conviction results in a public criminal record with a red flag.

List Of Marion County Sexual Offenders

Various methods can be used to determine if someone has been convicted of Marion County sex offenses. Checking the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Registry is one option. Alternatively, you can contact local authorities for any available information or consult your state’s registry of sex offenders.

Records Of Marion County Dui and Dwi

The level of detail provided in a Marion County criminal history check depends on the type of check conducted. A basic check typically includes information about misdemeanor and felony convictions. In contrast, a more thorough check might reveal details regarding arrests and charges that didn’t result in convictions because a DUI case typically comes up on a basic criminal history check.

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