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Johnson County inmate records are public documents that include information about people who have been convicted of crimes and incarcerated in jails or prisons. Inmate records typically include an inmate’s name, mugshot, offense, sentencing information, and other details. Law enforcement agencies maintain inmate records at the local, state, and federal levels. These records are also available from online public record databases. Some inmate records may be restricted from public view if they contain sensitive information, such as minors or medical information.

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Johnson County Resources.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Department (JCSD Inmate Search)
1091 Hospital Rd, Franklin, IN 46131
Phone: (317) 736-9155
Inmate List
Records & Report Information

Circuit Court
5 E Jefferson St. 1st Fl Franklin, IN 46131
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Superior Court
5 E. Jefferson St Franklin, IN 46131
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Johnson County Jail
1091 Hospital Rd , Franklin, IN 46131

Johnson County Juvenile
1121 Hospital Road, Franklin, IN 46131

Edinburgh Correctional Facility
703 23rd St, Edinburgh, IN 46124
(812) 526-8434

Johnson County Jail Inmate Search Online

There are several options when you need to search jail records in Johnson County. You can search inmate records via government websites, private websites, or a search engine such as Google. You can find a wealth of information by searching the government website for inmate records. However, not all government websites will be the same. While some websites offer only basic information, others can provide more comprehensive information.

Indiana State Prison VS Johnson County Jail

A few key differences distinguish jails from prisons: Jails are smaller than prisons in physical size and number of inmates. Because inmates aren’t considered a high-security risk, jails have a more relaxed atmosphere. A shorter stay time for inmates in jails is standard. Most are only allowed to stay for a few weeks or days rather than months or years.

Indiana Prison Inmate Search

There are many options for finding someone in prison. You can first call the prison and ask for their contact information. You can also search online databases, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons and state Department of Corrections websites. You can hire private investigators to assist you in finding the inmate. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the one that is most suitable for you.
It is essential to have patience as it can be time-consuming and challenging to locate an inmate in prison. However, persistence and perseverance are vital to finding the inmate you want and getting in touch with them.

Johnson County Jail Inmate Search

If you are looking for an inmate in Johnson County jail, using online resources is the best place to start. Visit the website of the county sheriff’s office. Here you will find a list of all inmates currently in custody and information on how to contact them. You can also search for inmates by name, which can be helpful if you know someone who may be incarcerated in the area. Once you have found the inmate you are looking for, you can contact the jail directly to inquire about visitation hours and other important information.

Johnson County Mugshots

Mugshots are photos of people who have been detained and booked in jail. Law enforcers use them to help identify suspects. Employers can also use mugshots to screen applicants for job openings, and landlords may use them to screen tenants. The bottom line is that mugshots are helpful for many purposes.

Johnson County Jail Log

If you want to look up someone’s jail log, you can go to the county courthouse and look through their public records. You can also find this information online through various websites that specialize in public records. To find someone’s jail log, you will need their name and approximate date of birth.

Johnson County Jail Roster

A Johnson County jail roster, also known by the term inmate list, is a public record that lists the names and addresses of those in jail. Information on a jail roster can include the name of an inmate, his booking photo, arrest information, and the bail amount. The website of the county sheriff can provide access to jail rosters.

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