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Many reasons exist for carrying out a Hendricks County criminal records search, such as vetting a person or checking a new acquaintance’s background. Most records originate in public records databases kept by state or local governments. These databases contain many public details, including criminal records, which you can usually search by name, location, or case number. Alternatively, private background check services supply the same information in a more organized or do-it-for-you fashion.

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Local Resources Of Hendricks County Indiana Criminal Records

Circuit Court
51 W Main St, #104 Danville, IN 46122
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

51 W Main St, #104 Danville, IN 46122
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD)
925 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122
Phone: (317) 745-6269
Document Request
Sex Offenders

Town of Plainfield Police Department
1075 W Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168
Phone: (317) 838-3565

Hendricks County Court Records

Court records are crucial when examining Hendricks County criminal history. These records can expose a wealth of details about an individual’s previous legal encounters, including charges and convictions.

Hendricks County Police Records

Requesting a criminal history check from your local Hendricks County sheriff’s office or police headquarters can be done when examining an individual’s criminal history. After completing the request form and paying the associated fee, you’ll get a report outlining the person’s criminal history.

Arrest Reports

Arrest records provide essential insights into a person’s Hendricks County criminal history and tendencies.

Inmate Information

Inmate records can disclose whether someone has served time in federal or state prisons or a local Hendricks County jail – an important aspect when looking into criminal history. You can access these records without third-party sites; however, not all inmate records are publicly accessible online. In some cases, a written request will need to be submitted.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Hendricks County IN are minor violations or offenses of the law, usually leading to fines or other penalties. If an infraction causes physical or property damage, it could escalate to a crime. Typical infractions include traffic violations, parking tickets, and minor offenses like disorderly conduct.


The seriousness of a Hendricks County misdemeanor criminal offense directly affects the resulting penalties. A shoplifting misdemeanor may produce a fine, while an assault or battery charge might result in jail time. Repeat offenders or people with existing criminal records are frequently given harsher penalties.

Hendricks County Felony Records

Felony offenses in Hendricks County IN can range in seriousness; the most serious type includes murder and rape, and they can range down to a lesser crime like drug possession. Felony records are typically the most damaging on someone’s criminal history report.

List Of Hendricks County Sexual Offenders

Examining the Hendricks County or state sex offender registry informs you about any registered sex offenders in your area. This can also be done on an individual you are considering.

Records Of Hendricks County Dui and Dwi

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Hendricks County IN is a criminal offense in all jurisdictions in the United States, frequently referring to driving impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Some states use the term driving while intoxicated (DWI) with DUI. Two main kinds of DUIs exist alcohol-related DUIs, where a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) surpasses the legal limit, and non-alcohol DUIs.

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