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Elkhart County criminal records are important documents detailing an individual’s criminal history. The general public can refer to these documents to evaluate an individual’s viability.

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Local Resources Of Elkhart County Indiana Criminal Records

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
101 N Main St Goshen, IN 46526
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Superior Court
315 S 2nd St Elkhart, IN 46516
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO)
26861 Co Rd 26, Elkhart, IN 46517
Phone: (574) 891-2300
Prosecutors Most Wanted
Inmate Lookup
Records Division
Sex Offenders

Elkhart Police Department
175 Waterfall Dr, Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: (574) 295-7070
Records Department

Elkhart County Court Records

Court records are a rich source of Elkhart County criminal information about an individual. Being public documents, anybody can access them, including information on criminal cases. To procure court records, one can either visit the courthouse and request the records from the clerk or search for them online, as numerous courthouses have digitized their records for easier access.

Elkhart County Police Records

To acquire Elkhart County police records, you should contact the sheriff or police headquarters in the jurisdiction where the crime happened.
Depending upon the situation, you may acquire a copy directly from the police. Additionally, court records may include pertinent information about a case after the arrest.

Arrest Reports

Arrest records, generally considered Elkhart County public records, provide considerable information about an individual’s criminal history and charges. Different sources, consisting of local sheriff departments and police agencies, can supply access to these records upon request.

Inmate Information

Accessing inmate records can be difficult because there is no central database, and rules and policies differ by state. Therefore, you work with a state or Elkhart County facility that housed that inmate.

Categories Of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Elkhart County IN can include different offenses, such as speeding, running a red light, or failing to yield. These offenses are typically small, leading to fines or small penalties.
However, depending on the infraction’s seriousness and the jurisdiction, the effects can reach points contributed to your driver’s license or even a arrest.


A Elkhart County misdemeanor is a criminal offense that can result in imprisonment or a fine. These offenses, less serious than felonies, are classified into petty and gross misdemeanors. Petty misdemeanors, such as small traffic offenses or public intoxication, are more common and normally punishable with a fine. Gross misdemeanors, on the other hand, are more extreme, causing imprisonment. Common gross misdemeanors include driving under the influence (DUI), domestic violence, and theft.

Elkhart County Felony Records

A criminal background check will disclose Elkhart County felony convictions on an individual’s record.

List Of Elkhart County Sexual Offenders

To locate information about registered sex offenders in Elkhart County IN, go to the website of your state’s sex offenders registry.

Records Of Elkhart County Dui and Dwi

While Elkhart County DUIs are typically categorized as misdemeanors, they can also fall under the felony category depending on the severity of the offense, property damage, or injuries caused.

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