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A Delaware County warrant is a court-issued order that authorizes law enforcement authorities to carry out particular acts. A search warrant is a court order that authorizes police officers to search a specified area for evidence. An arrest warrant permits police to arrest someone who is accused of committing a crime. Most arrest warrants are issued in response to requests by law enforcement professionals such as detectives or attorneys.

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Information Specific To Delaware County, Indiana.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO Warrant Search)
3100 S Tillotson Ave Suite 150, Muncie, IN 47302
Phone: (765) 747-7885
Most Wanted

Circuit Court
100 W Main St Muncie, IN 47308
Option One – Web
Option Two – Web
On Location Terminal – Yes

Muncie Police Department
3500 N Broadway Ave, Muncie, IN 47303
Phone: (765) 747-4890

Town Marshal
9730 W Smith St, Yorktown, IN 47396
Phone: (765) 759-4005

Delaware County Warrant Search Online

There are several methods for searching for warrant information in Delaware County IN. Find out if the local police department or sheriff’s office has a public records division to make requests or an online database that you can use.

Having Access To Court Records

If you feel you have an arrest warrant, you can check with the judicial system in your area.

Delaware County Sheriff's Warrant Search

The police are a good place to check for a warrant because they maintain records of all Delaware County warrant issues.
This information can be available online or at the police station.
You can request records at the police station or online. Inform them that you are looking for information on a warrant. They may be able to help you discover what you need or point you in the right direction.

Delaware County Bench Warrants

A Delaware County bench warrant is a court order ordering someone to appear in court. A judge will normally issue a bench warrant when a person fails to appear for a court date or violates a court order.
To resolve the dispute, the specified individual must appear in court. An attorney can advise you on the best course of action to clear your name.

List of Delaware County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant authorizes the Delaware County police to arrest a person. The vast majority of arrest warrants are issued for violent offenses such as murder, rape, or robbery.
Arrest warrants can also be allocated for less serious offenses like traffic offenses.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

A fugitive order is a document issued to return a person to the are where they are wanted. This warrant is typically obtained when a person attempts or goes on the run.

Search Warrant

A search warrant authorizes Delaware County officers to search a location for evidence of a crime.
A search warrant has to be based on probable cause when used. It indicates that the judge has a reasonable belief that a crime occurred and that evidence linked to it will be discovered.
A search warrant enables authorities to gather evidence, establish a case, and collect information. It doesn’t authorize officers to do whatever they want.

Free Warrant Searches in Delaware County, Indiana

There are several options for obtaining a free warrant list in Delaware County IN. Searching online sheriff or court public record databases is a good approach.

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