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Delaware County inmate records are an integral part of the criminal justice process. They are tools law enforcement use to keep track of offenders and their convictions. Prosecutors and judges can also access inmate records that provide information on a defendant’s criminal history.

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Delaware County Resources.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO Inmate Search)
3100 S Tillotson Ave Suite 150, Muncie, IN 47302
(765) 747-7885
Inmate Lookup
Jail Information

Circuit Court
100 W Main St Muncie, IN 47308
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Delaware County Jail
100 W Washington St, Muncie, IN 47305

Juvenile Detention Center
3700 W Kilgore Ave, Muncie, IN 47304

Delaware County Inmate Search Online

Searching for Delaware County inmate records online is the best way to go. Many websites provide searchable databases for inmates. Many of them can be accessed free of charge. Just enter the inmate’s name or number into the search field on the website. You can also narrow your search by providing additional information, such as age or race. After finding the inmate you want, you can review their records to find out what offenses they have been convicted of and when you expect them to be released. You can contact the prison for further information.

Indiana State Prison VS Delaware County Jail

In the United States, there are two types of prisons: state prisons (or county jails). While both types are used for criminals’ housing, there are significant differences. The longest time inmates are locked up is perhaps the most critical difference. For those prisoners who have been sentenced to over one year, state prisons are often used. County jails are for those convicted for less than one year.

Another difference is the level of security. State prisons are generally more secure than county jails because they have higher levels of surveillance, more guards, and more guards. State prisons offer more services and amenities than county jails, like vocational and educational programs.

Indiana Prison Inmate Search

There are several ways to find someone inside prison. Directly contacting the prison is the best way to find out information about the inmate. It can be challenging to do this if you don’t know where the person is.

You can also use an online search engine like the U.S. Department of Justice’s Prison Inmate Locator. This website lets you search for inmates based on name, race, or gender. You can also limit your search to just one state or federal prison.

You can also try a privately-run inmate search website. These websites are not free but can offer more detail than government websites.

Delaware County Jail Inmate Search

If you need to find someone in jail in Delaware County, there are a few ways to go about it. The first step is to figure out which jail the person is in. You can do this by contacting the police department in the town or city where the person was arrested or searching online for the county or state inmate databases.

Once you know which jail the person is in, you can call the facility to find out visiting hours and procedures. You may also be able to search for inmates online, which can provide more information such as bail amount and upcoming court dates.

Delaware County Mugshots

Delaware County mugshots are a public record in most jurisdictions. Anyone can request access to these records from the relevant government agency. In some cases, mugshots may be available online; in others, requesters may need to submit a written request.

Delaware County Jail Log

The records department of the Delaware County sheriff’s office is the best way to get a copy of the jail logs. Many departments offer online access, which can be searched using case numbers or names. Alternatively, you can request copies of jail logs in person at the records department.

Delaware County Jail Roster

In most jurisdictions, Delaware County jail rosters are open to the public. It will typically include the names and booking information of all prisoners at the jail.

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