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Clark County inmate records are usually available to the public, depending on the situation. Some states make inmate records available online, while others require a request to be made through the mail. The type of information in an inmate record can vary but typically includes the inmate’s name, booking photo, criminal charges, sentence length, and release date.

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Clark County Resources.

Clark County Sheriff (LCSO Inmate Search)
501 E Court Ave #159, Jeffersonville, IN 47130
(812) 283-4471
Jail Information

Circuit Court
501 E Court Ave, Rm 137 Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Option One
Option Two
On Location Terminal – Yes

Michael Belcher Adult Correctional Complex
501 East Court Ave, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Juvenile Detention Center
609 Meigs Ave, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Clark County Jail Inmate Search Online

Are you looking for inmate records? Here are the steps. Go to the website of your state’s Department of Corrections or sheriff. You will find the Clark County inmate search function in the navigation bar. Once you are on the search page, enter the inmate’s name and other pertinent details (e.g., ID number, case number, etc.). If there are any results, they will be displayed on the next page. You can usually click on the name of an inmate to see more information about their case.

Indiana State Prison VS Clark County Jail

Although most people have heard of county jails and state prisons, not many people know the difference. Although both house people, there are important distinctions.

The state prison is for those convicted for more serious crimes such as felonies. They are typically held there for more extended periods. County jails are usually for people who have been sentenced for less serious offenses such as misdemeanors and can be accessed for a few weeks or days.

State prisons are often much more restrictive than county jails and offer fewer rights and freedom. You will know this if you are ever in one of these prisons.

Indiana Prison Inmate Search

Finding out the state where the inmate is currently incarcerated is the first step to finding someone in jail. This information is often found on the prison’s website, or you can do a Google search. Once you know the state of your search, you may be able to narrow your search by using an inmate locator tool.

You can search the Federal Bureau of Prisons database to find all federal inmates. A general search engine query can be made using terms like “inmate locator” + “state name.” You will then get a list detailing each state’s available resources to help locate an inmate.

Last but not least, your local library may also be able to help you locate the inmate. If you need help finding information that is difficult to find, librarians can often be a valuable resource.

Clark County Jail Inmate Search

The best place to begin your search for someone in jail in Clark County is to contact the county sheriff where they were arrested. You can also search the online databases for county jail inmates or statewide databases to find where the person was held. You can also call a bail bond agent or private investigator. These professionals may be capable of helping you locate someone in prison.

Clark County Mugshots

Clark County mugshots are often considered public records, meaning anyone can access them. These mugshots are available in a variety of formats, including via online databases and through local sheriff’s offices. There is typically no cost to access mugshots for inmates.

Clark County Jail Log

Jail logs can be beneficial for inmates and staff. Authorities can use jail logs to record inmates’ activities while in prison. This includes information like where they located and when they were released.

Clark County Jail Roster

A local sheriff’s website is the best place to begin your search for a jail roster. The website homepage usually has a link to this online database.

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