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A Allen County warrant is a court order that directs law enforcement to a certain task. A warrant is used to permit the arrest, search, seizure, or interrogation of a person.

A warrant must be supported by probable cause. This is determined after a careful examination of all facts and circumstances. A court must establish sufficient evidence to justify a reasonable belief that a crime was committed before issuing the warrant for the identified defendant.

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Information Specific To Allen County, Indiana.

Allen County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD Warrant Search)
715 Calhoun St # 101, Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Phone: (260) 449-7535
Warrants & Fugitive Division
Most Wanted By Name

Fort Wayne Police Department Headquarters
1 E Main St Ste 108, Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Phone: (260) 427-1222

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile)
715 S Calhoun St, Rm 202 Ft Wayne, IN 46802
Option One – Web
Option Two – Web
On Location Terminal – Yes

Superior Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic)
715 S Calhoun St, Rm 202 Ft Wayne, IN 46802
Option One – Web
Option Two – Web
On Location Terminal – Yes

New Haven Police Department
815 Lincoln Hwy E, New Haven, IN 46774
Phone: (260) 748-7080

Allen County Warrant Search Online

The easiest option to obtain warrant information is to contact the county clerk or a local law enforcement department for a Allen County warrant search. These offices will be able to supply you with the necessary information.

Having Access To Court Records

You can use Allen County court record systems to search for warrant records. Call the court clerk in the county where you believe the warrant was obtained, and they should be able to help.

Allen County Sheriff's Warrant Search

If you need a warrant record, the best place to start your search is at the local Allen County police department.
Citizens can obtain warrants through most departments. Sometimes, you can submit your request online or use a warrant database.

Allen County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a judge’s order that someone is arrested and brought before a court.
A Allen County bench warrant can be issued if a person fails to appear for a court hearing.

List of Allen County Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is a court order that authorizes the arrest of a person in Allen County IN. Arrest warrants are usually issued for felonies, major misdemeanors, and violent offenses.

Fugitive Arrest Warrant

A fugitive warrant is a legal document issued by a court or another competent body ordering the arrest and custody of a person evading justice. Jurisdictions work together and communicate with one another to find and return fugitives.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is a court order that authorizes Allen County police to search a person or property.
A judge generally approves a search warrant following a hearing in which the police present evidence that probable cause exists for the police to believe that the place being searched contains evidence of a crime.
Although search warrants are most commonly used to search people’s homes, they can also be used to search cars and businesses.

Free Warrant Searches in Allen County, Indiana

To do a free active warrant search, you have various alternatives. You can get a copy of the warrant from the clerk of courts by visiting the court in the county in the warrant originated.

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